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Before the gaming and gambling market in Denmark was partially liberalized on the 1st of January 2012, the gambling rules were considered too rigid and vague. In 2010, the new gambling act was introduced and it made some alterations to the old gambling laws. The new act was implemented in 2012. After the enactment of the new law, Denmark is considered a model for other countries considering the change in their gaming laws.

Until Jan 1st 2012 when the new gambling bill was signed into law, the major gambling activities in Denmark were largely owned and controlled by the state-owned company known as Danske Spil. This company has been in existence since 1948. Now, foreign online gambling sites operators that enter the Danish market are mandated to get a license from the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA). However, the country still gives its state-owned Danske Spil company over the others. The Danish government ensures that these offshore gambling operators only get their licenses after a strict and lengthy mandatory procedure. This means you can always trust online casinos such as with a DGA license. Fortunately, Danish punters benefit greatly from this as they are less exposed to unlicensed foreign gambling websites.

What Type of Gambling is Legal in Denmark

Unlike some countries where gambling laws are ambiguous, Denmark's gambling rules are very explicit about what types of gambling are permitted. Land-based and online casino gambling, sports betting, poker, lottery, and daily fantasy sports are among the various gaming options available to Danish players. Online casino gambling is totally legal in the eyes of the DGA as long as gamblers wager on regulated websites. The DGA sets very high criteria for online casino minimum fairness ratings, so you can be sure that licensed sites will pay out fairly.

Online Casino Gaming

Online casinos are defined by the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) as websites that offer real money gambling on games such as poker, bingo, slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, among others. This sort of gambling is completely legal in Denmark. Several international casino operators cater to Danish punters, providing high-quality slots and table games from the most reputable software providers.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Denmark’s gambling legislation explicitly addresses the legality of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Recently, there has been an increase in interest in DFS among Denmark bettors. The increased participation has also been influenced by the country’s proactive participation in sports such as handball and football. Daily Fantasy Sports allows players to create fantasy sports teams and play in fantasy leagues. There are several local and international sports betting sites that offer Danish punters the opportunity to win money by playing DFS.

Sports Betting

Sports betting contributes to a large percentage of the gambling revenue acquired by Denmark. The biggest earners in the industry being handball and football. There are about 20 licensed Danish sportsbooks that cater to Denmark’s bettors and they also provide a high-quality online betting experience.

Online Lottery

Reliable statistics show that about 75% of Danish adults participate in either online or offline lotteries. Even though there are various state-owned lotto options, many players still prefer bigger jackpot prizes offered by lottery websites. Luckily, a good number of foreign lottery websites accept Danish players, offering locals the opportunity to participate in huge lotteries.

In conclusion, Denmark is a well-regulated online casino gaming market, in which bettors can enjoy online casino gaming legally as long as they play in a safe, secure, and well-regulated environment.

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